Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Little Slow These Days

 Took Siggie her lunch to school on her birthday.  She is eating with a friend.  Last name Jones.
 Erin's irises are so pretty.  An old saying is--never thank someone who gives you flowers as it will kill them and it's best to steal the flowers.  Stolen ones grow the best!  I learned this today from a lady who was getting a hair cut before me.  I feel better when I get my hair cut, but usually I look about the same!~
 Astrid made this picture for Sigrid for her birthday.  It says--
Be a pineapple
Stand tall
Wear a crown
and be sweet on the inside!
 Sigrid wanted a big cookie for her birthday and Laura made this one.  It was tasty--chocolate chip!
 My potatoes are coming up and my cabbage is growing.
 Onions are almost ready to enjoy.
 I call these wild violets and am wondering if I could dig them up and put them in a pot for the summer?
The lady that cut my hair gave me some flowers to set out in one of my flower beds.  They bloom in October and are called Swamp Daisies.  We will see if I can grow them.  I plan to set them out tomorrow as it was a little wet today.
 They remind me more of a sunflower.  I have Jonquils in the bed where I am putting them and once they die the bed is bare.  I hope I can get these going.


Margie's Musings said...

They look like they would be pretty so I hope they live and bring color to the flowerbed.

Anonymous said...

ooooooo I love the Swamp Daisies they remind me of a flower I saw called African Sunflower.
I hope they grow well for you. Sigrid's picture is too cute. I bought some seed today and hopefully get to plant this weekend. We are still working on the Chicken Condo. Doug added some lighting to our barn today so we can now run electricity to our chickens instead of using a extension cord. Work never ends around the Wade Farmstead. Hope you are enjoying this pretty weather. ~Amy

Sunshine said...

I hope she gave you a lot so I can come and steal them.

Anonymous said...

Steal some for me Laura!!!! Her new Patsy wants some. :)