Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Winnie ~ Native

 Cousin Winnie's son had his DNA tested and the results are in.  Above is photo of Win's Great Grandmother, Sitha King (or Litha one place that looks like her name).  Paul did show Native American which is really rare.  Most folks that think they have Indian ancestry when tested it does not show!

DNA is like a deck of cards.  If we passed them out, one might not even get much of a certain DNA.  When you look at Winnie's grandmother below--you could easily imagine a Native in her bloodline.  The first photo is Mary Ann's mother!  I conclude the Wyandotte Native blood comes from Mary Ann's father.  Let's say he was only half Wyandotte.  That would give Mary 25 percent,  Merk would get 12, Winnie 6 percent, and Paul 3 percent---but if Mary Ann's father was only a quarter native.  Mary Ann gets 12.5 percent, Merk 6. 25, Winnie 3 percent and Paul only about 1 to 2 percent which is what his test showed.
If Winnie can search her data base and find others of Indian blood--that will be her key to unlocking the mystery.  Personally, I think it is great that the story that was "passed down" has proven to not be a myth but factual.  The reason I think this is a Wyandotte Native is because that is where Mary Ann was born.  Below are some Wyandotte navtives--picture taken in 1880.
generation one        Full blood
generation two        50 percent
generation three       25 percent
generation four         12.5 percent
generation five          6,25
generation six            3. 125
generation seven        1. 6
generation eight         less than one percent
The Sorenson DNA test goes back 8 generations.   Winnie's Wyandotte ancestor is not that far back in her tree.  


Winnie Sneed said...

Thanks so much for your help...this is kind of fun!

Margie's Musings said...

Where do you go to trace your ancestry? My aunt Flossie traced one side of my family..my dad's. But I know very little about my mom's side of the family.

Sister--Three said...

I use ancestry. It is a pay site. It is about the only one left.