Monday, March 14, 2016

Yippity Skippity

 Why are you taking my picture the nurse said!  I replied, "I am sick and my husband is sick and tired of it!"  I sent him proof that I went!  She gave me an antibiotic so maybe I will be better soon.  She is a nurse practitioner.  If Erin would become one of these, Sisters, we could just go see her!
Above is an Innis.  Sweet Cousin, Winnie, is letting me see her dna.   Merk had a half brother who was an Innis.  Winnie's cousin through Innis had done the ancestry DNA.  Well, she has no native American.   Remember how I spoke of the deck of cards.  She might not have got the native card or Mike Sneed has native American and just did not know it.  I hope I can uncover information in the DNA for Winnie and Mike.  The Innis girl should have show native.  I am befuddled a little.  Here is the Innis Ancestor's ethnicity.


Regions: Great Britain, Ireland, Europe West
Trace Regions: Europe East, Iberian Peninsula, Italy/Greece, Africa North, Finland/Northwest Russia, Scandinavia, Caucasus

Below is the Wheeler marriage license.  Now, Sitha or Sithie was a King first and then she married an Honan.  She had several children by him.

I am not sure if Mary's father was really this Benjamin Wheeler.  What I am doing now, is going through the ethnicity of all the matches looking for a match with Native American.   So far, I have found none.   Mike Sneed may be an OLD Cherokee!  I love a DNA mystery and will continue to look.  I think Win should break loose with the cash and see if she has native in her blood.

 Sharing stories about my  older Grands.  Laura said in a text this morning--"at five weeks Astrid had an 82 in Algebra 2.  She worked her tail off and made a 100 on the 9 weeks test and brought her average up to she has all A's for the 9 weeks.  Ingrid has a 98-100 in every class."  I am bragging as I proud of both!  Sigrid is not playing the tuba, which I think is a good thing.  I was afraid she we be down hearted about it.   She came over yesterday and we talked.  She said it was all okay.  I am proud of her too.  We don't always get exactly what we want.  When it happens, if it is possible, I think we should just move on.  She will probably play the oboe.  Which is a much smaller instrument.  I hope she likes band.  Most 6 graders here, are all excited about band but it fizzles out.  I would like to go listen to Sweet Sigrid play a tune or two.


Erin said...

I am too smart to become a nurse practitioner. More responsibility. More lawsuits. I like less money and less stress.

Sister--Three said...

You are smart!!!

Winnie Sneed said...

I think that would be Frank Innis...the love of my Grandmother's life. Dianne may have had her son Jimmy do the DNA report