Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break Success

Greta has learned to ride her bike this week.  Doing really good for a little 5 year old.
 Erin's iris are blooming and they are so beautiful.  Some flower thief might try digging one up.
 Astrid is fisishing up Fleta's three teacher gifts.  You see her tools.  The Sharpie and the paint.  They are turning out fabulous.   All that little detail.  Those Green Forest teachers should love the gift.


Sister--Helen said...

beautiful tigers...Greta riding like the wind..

Sister--Helen said...

Me and Em made it just fine...yesterday I took her to town and then picked her up at 7:30...It was daylight when I drove up there and she drove home in the dark....then today I took her again early and she was hoping to spend the night firt a friend but if she was not able to I would pick her up at the same time....but she is spending the night....Fleta got home about 6...a safe trip I believe

Sister--Three said...

Glad you made it fine
Glad sister is home safe!