Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tiller Thriller!

Larry worked on the Troy Built tiller last year.  It ran well and then would gum up again.  The tiller belonged to Larry's Mom.  She bought it about 1986 to 88, I think.   She passed in 1998.  She did not make a garden in 97 or 98.  Saying all this to show how long the tiller had sat in our shed.  Larry said the motor gets full of gunk.  He used the stuff to try and clean it, but that is a lot of years of gumming up.  I told him I just wanted to buy a new one.  He said the ones like ours were about $2000.00. So...:Larry went to Harbor Freight and bought a motor for the tiller.  He worked his tail off getting all the old stuff off and the new motor on the tiller.  He had me come out when he was going to start it.  Of course, it would not start.  He tried for about 30 minutes to an hour and then said that he was pulling it off and taking it back.  All that work again.

We took it back to H F and got a new motor.  Again, he got it all connected.    Wow, this time it started on the first pull.  He was right as usual.  The other motor had a problem.. He said he could have tinkered with it and got it going but it might have always been a lemon.  This one is pull start, but even I can start it on the first pull.  He slowed down the speed of the tines which will make it go forward slower and that actually makes it till better!  I saw some grass in the cabbage inner row today so Laura better get her tilling gloves ready when the  soil dries out!

Now to important stuff!  Ingrid had a Jr. High Track meet yesterday in Morrilton!  She won the mile.  I am so proud of her.  She ran the 800 afterward and got 3rd.  A track coach will usually save one girl who runs the 800 and not the mile.  She will be more rested.  Taking 3rd in the 800 after running the mile is a feat too!

Smiling Miler!!
 Plus--Astrid was inducted into the Russellville High School Honor Society last evening.  Top is her getting her certificate from Mrs. Jacobs, her principal and below with her sweet friend, Jennifer. Astrid's principal was one Laura's English teachers and also, in my class in 6th and 7th grade.  We have history I guess you would say.


Sunshine said...

Ingie said she took times down for Fisher last night.

Sister--Three said...

His new friend!!