Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

 Clayton and Greta before church today.  Erin loves their Baptist Church.  They ate there.  She said they buy the main source from Western Sizzlin' because someone is the manager there and the members bring a dish or two.  It works out nicely.  Today they had a egg hunt too and then one at Meme's house I think
 Clayton is handsome and Greta gorgeous.

 Two Lavish ads Astrid had been in.
 Ingrid and her friend today before church.  Ingrid scrunching and Claire tip toeing!
 Astrid and her new top she bought at Lavish for 15 bucks I think she said.  Nothing there is over 40 dollars.

 Laura got the girls new shoes for their Easter baskets.  Getting too old for chocolate bunnies.

 Laura said to keep the meal simple and it was all so good. Below are Sigrid's deviled eggs.  She colored the egg part.  They are good and really Easter looking.  She made lemon layered dessert.  It had the crust, then a cream cheese layer, then lemon layer and then a cool whip layer.  It was really tasty with a cup of coffee.

 These are Laura's rabbits Mema made her.  Can't remember the date but a long time ago as she passed away in 1998 and it was long before then.  Laura washed their clothes.  They looked like new.
 Ingrid's grades--97, 94, 98, and two 99s.  Other girls had good grades too, but these came in the mail.
 Note from Sigrid's GT teacher.  Says:  I admire your confidence.  Your smile brightens my day.  You are such an asset to our class.
 This was on the fridge.  Sigrid had dressed up for a report at school.  She is one of a kind!
Tomroow I plan to share my new Patsy's new chicken house and more of the kids playing when they came down Saturday.  Greta brought her tumbling mat and bike.  She showed out on both!

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