Saturday, March 19, 2016

March Reminiscing

 These pictures were in my March 2010 folder.  Fleta took the above picture of the Boxley elk.  This year the Game and Fish discovered wasting disease in the elk.  What will happen to them?  Who knows?  On our Blogs we can also look back and see what we were talking about on this day 6 years ago.  Well, unless, google does like ancestry and lets our Blogs die.  I am thankful that Ancestry fixed Rootsweb and it is still clicking today.  I had my doubts but for today it is working.  I am glad.
 I took this rainbow over Crow Mountain.
 Elk and below are Fleta's pictures.  I know because she always labeled them with a date.  I am too lazy for that.

 Larry built my chicken pen in March of 2010.  He also dug up a caved in cellar in our back yard.  It was a huge mess.  He got the backhoe in March of 2010.  He saw it on Craig's list and called.  It was already dark.  He told the guy he would come immediately and bring cash.  I was nervous but it all worked out.  The seller delivered it to us, I think.  Larry did not have a good enough trailer to pick it up.    He got a excellent buy.  We still have the backhoe.
 I took this picture of the fence i am still trying to get clean.  Work never done.
 I still have the two little BB Banties!  They must be almost 10 years old.   They were from Patsy.  I doubt they lay anymore but who cares.

 More Fleta photos of elk and below a snow on March 21, 2010.  Was it from Winnie.  I have long forgotten but it makes me realize to be appreciative of today's 60 degree weather.  It could be like it was on March 21, 2010.
 Larry built Sig the ladder and she decorated the tree with Jonquils in March of 2010.  She turned 5 that March!
 I had forgotten what a huge mess Larry had to dig up to get rid of the cellar.  We just have a smooth yard today and I should remember how ugly this was.

 Larry working on the backhoe.  Must have been cool as he has a jacket on.  We had the Ford tractor in 2010.  He now has a Kubota.   We bought the Ford in 1989.  It was hard to part with it, but we did.
Time marches on.  Things change.  We can grow and do or sit and wait.  Time will still march on but we aren't marching along with it we are just "here".
I did not look to see what I was thinking about this day 6 years ago, but Sister Patsy was talking abut Mitt Romney's underwear, Welsummer chckens, her son cleaning out her chicken pen, what she had planted in her little garden, a joke cousin Winnie had sent her, a snow at her house complete with pictures.   Even though, she was stuck in that mobile home with a hole in her gut, you would never have guessed it.  She was entertaining herself and all the rest of us too!!  I wish I could have her spirit of acceptance of life, but I am a whiner and complainer.  Woe to me.  I need to learn to pray for help in my walk not what the walk will be.  The walk is set and my reaction to it is all I really control.  Deliver us today, oh Lord, from ourselves is my prayer.

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Mrs. Gigi!
I needed your prayer today! Thank you for the reminder. ~Amy