Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mystery Solved--Dog Did It!

 Erin has soap in the bathroom for getting germs off hands--well, she is a nurse.  Cucumber & Melon I think has a nice green color.  Well, look it has turned brown.  She sent me the picture by phone.  I told her my two sweeties had nothing to do with this.  It had just gotten old and rusty.  Greg Jones said the root beer he had sat in the frig tasted funny.  The soap may have had that sarsaparilla smell to it.  I really don't know.    But I have concluded Sophie was the one who tampered with the drink and soap.  Sophie is happy to be selected as she loves her sweeties, too.
And...Greta who is just a baby girl gets upset and yells.  I told Erin is was because she has a hearing deficit and it difficult for her to measure sounds.  To which my Erin guffawed!  She is solving the problem.   When Greta yells, Erin whispers!  Doesn't Erin sound just like Sister Fleta.

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