Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Roaming Free

 Yesterday my chicken pen was pretty muddy from the rain so I let the chickens out.   I am getting about 3 eggs every other day.  One of my Pasty hens is laying and some of the little Banties.
 The Brown Bovans will start laying soon I hope.  Larry saw a Blue Bird checking out one of our little houses this morning.  The Martins will be coming from Brazil any day now.  It is cool today but the sun is shining.
 Last night we heard a knock on the back sliding glass door.  I went to check and this was all I found. Inside were two pancakes.  Some little one had mixed them up and cooked them.  There were two so that meant one for me and one for Pop.   They had a sweet aura!
Thinking of Amy today.  Hoping her Dad is better!


Sunshine said...

Looks like Bronchitis and fluid on his lungs. Keeping him in the hospital for a couple of days.

Sister--Three said...

At least there is a cause for what he has.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gigi for thinking of me and my family today. It means the world to
know how blessed this girl from Yell County is. I am rich with friends and that
is more than money can every buy. Your thoughts and prayers mean the world
to me! Daddy is better and recovering well. He might get to come home tomorrow.
He had fluid built up on his lungs again and they are treating his heart
condition. Thank you again! ~Amy