Sunday, May 1, 2016

Like A Warrior

When Astrid was small, she stayed with Pop and Gigi a lot in the summer.  Eric was in college getting his teaching degree and when he went to class, Astrid stayed with us.  Ingrid went to daycare most of the time, but with Astrid staying with us the family did not have to pay for two child care bills and she was not at our house all day everyday just when Eric had class.  I took the above photo in the summer of 2004.  We raised a lot of Feist pups and she helped with all of them.  Even then, Astrid was a warrior.  I was glad to see the praise Coach Ben Goodman lauded on Astrid in this morning's paper.  I taught Ben in 6th grade.  Seems like time as just flew by and now Ben is an adult and Astrid almost grown!  
Sigrid called yesterday to see if I had a cake mix.  I had chocolate.  She created this masterpiece using the tools Erin gave her for her birthday.  She loves baking and gardening.  

Erin sent a picture of Clayton by phone and I sent it to the computer--TWICE, but still it has not arrived.  He was eating a pancake breakfast before church.  And he used Papa Clifton's muscadine jelly for syrup.  It sure looked good.

We have enough rain for a while.  Garden is growing nicely.  I hope now it will dry out and I can use my old new tiller in between the rows.


Erin said...

So proud of Astrid and Sig's cake looks yummy! Glad she can use the tools.

Anonymous said...

You have a right to brag on such beautiful sweet girls. All three of the girls excel in their own areas. I know that you are proud of each of your grands. I will be posting a picture of Alex in a suit coat that he wore to Sunday School this morning. Laura gave it to him. Erin passed it down from Clayton and we are very thankful. It fit him perfectly! Of course Madelyn looked lovely in her Sunday best. ~Amy-Patsy

Sunshine said...

She planted her flower garden yesterday. You will have to come get a picture.

Sister--Three said...

I will walk over there tomorrow and get a picture!