Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August Ending

Erin's bunch attend a Baptist Church at Harrison.  They have lots of stuff for the kids.  Sunday afternoon they rented the Harrison Pool so they could have one last swim.  Looks like Greta and Clayton had a great time.  I love it when Erin shares what they are doing.  Greta has promised to eat breakfast tomorrow with Clayton.  Erin explained that a promise was something that one can not break if at all possible.  We will see what Miss Greta Ann does in the morning.  She does have Aunt Patsy's middle name so she may have different plans tomorrow!  

I think both vdieos are slow mo!
 Here is Sigrid with a hot dog--she is showing off the Weiner Mobile and below with 6th grade friends at RMS.

 Ingrid is being introduced to the crowd in volleyball.  Love the number 6!    Below is the dance around.  They do this before the game.  Well, they have not had any games yet but  soon they will start.
 Astrid and her dog, Sky Queen--you have heard of Sky King?   Well, this is Sky Queen.

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