Friday, August 19, 2016

Family Feud

Clayton is a shy guy.  I think he likes having his pretty sister going to school.  He decided that he and Greta Ann could partake of breakfast.  Greta is loving school.  She is doing great work.  Before school if students don't eat breakfast, they line up by their classroom door and wait for school to start. If you get there early, first in line.   Greta likes being first.  She beats everyone in the class when they race.  So....she is content to sit and wait and it is a pretty long wait.  Clayton being shy wants her to go along with him to breakfast.  Shy folks like someone beside them.  Greta said "NO".  Yesterday, the breakfast was biscuits and gravy...Clayton's fav, but sister would not go.  He said he was going to pinch her.  Well, that did not scare Greta at all.  Maybe, Greta will decide she does not have to be first, but it will take a while.  Until then Mr. Clayton better eat his breakfast at home!

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