Thursday, August 4, 2016


Astrid ran in the Russellville Glo Run last night--a 5 K.  She was the first female.  
 Her overtime was 20 minutes plus.   Mile average was about 6 and a half minutes.  That was in extreme heat.  She is a trooper.
Eric took Ingrid and her friend, Claire to a concert in L R last evening.  It was a rock group I am sure.  I did not recognize the name.  Astrid I guess is a little different for a teenager.  She likes country music.  Laura took her to a concert.  Maybe Jason Aldean.  I am not sure.  Sigrid said she did not like him because he left his wife and kids for a "new" young woman.   I may have the wrong singer, but I thought it was sort of different what Sig had to say.
 Sigrid went to the store that Astrid works at and held this raccoon.  The owner rescues animals.
 Clayton is excited about school this year.  Greta will be going too.  She said they could walk in together and he could pretend she was his girlfriend.  Clayton about threw up at at that suggestion!  What a boy!  I hope Greta does really well in school.  Sure hope they put her up front so she can focus and hear what is going on.


Sunshine said...

Something about Astrid reminds me of you in that picture.

Sister--Three said...

Now that is a compliment!!