Sunday, August 7, 2016

Clayton And Greta's New Look

 I gave Clayton and Greta a little money to help with school clothes.  They went today.  Clayton had to have size 12 jeans.  Greta I guess a 7.  Erin had to add money to what I gave them I am sure, but they are set for next Monday.  Erin said they were most proud of their new underwear.  They are a couple of clowns.  Greta modeled her night gowns.  I am not sure if they were new or not.  Erin likes to shop at Kohls.   We don't have one but I have heard they are nice stores.  I wonder what kind of jeans Clayton got. I really like them.

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Sister--Three said...

Erin said Greta changed her underwear with each try on. Erin bought her the little t-shirt bras and she thought she was really styling!