Saturday, August 20, 2016

Color her First

The Russellville High School Cross Country team had a fund raiser today.  They sponsored a run.  I think it was a 5 K.  As you run, others throw color dust on you.  Well, at least, that is what I understand.  First girl is pictured above!  So glad she was first.  It does not make me feel extra pride that she is first but just as she is herself!  I know she wanted to be first and pushed so hard to beat all the I am so glad she succeeded!

And this is the latest ad for back to school clothes at the dress shop Astrid worked at.  I think surely they doctored this and that girl is not that much shorter than Astrid.    Also, I can't tell where the photo was taken.  Anyhow, I know that blond!  (Well, I asked Astrid and she said that she is just this much taller also has on heels.)

In honor of Greta going to Kindergarten I am posting a video.  Adam Wade my Great nephew had a video by Lex Prin on his web site at GF Intermediate and I loved it.  I plan to post several of this guy's videos.  I taught for 40 years and I can identify with all he has to say.

So, here is number one thing teachers don't like--Kindergarten Lunch Room Duty!  I plan to share the video that Adam loved later.  So if you aren't interested in the life of a poor teacher just don't watch but I loved this and am sharing it for Erin!


Sunshine said...

Astrid's pictures were taken at tech.

Sister--Three said...

Thank you, the crepe myrtle was throwing me off. I knew that
wasn't High School.

Sunshine said...

The run was at high school the pics for lavish
were at tech

Sister--Three said...

Setting momma straight
Momma needs it