Saturday, August 6, 2016

First Locker

Sigrid has a locker for the first time.  She added some photos to it and I think she was putting in a shelf.  She carried the lock home and practiced opening it.  Looks like she is ready to go to school.  The children start a week from Monday.  Eric and Laura go Monday to a week of preparation for the big day when the kids arrive.  All my Grands will be in school.  Greta in kindergarten. Clayton third grade.  Sigrid in 6th.  Ingrid in 9th and Astrid 11th.  Ingrid and Astrid are both in High School. They really go up fast.

I think Sigrid will like Middle School and changing classes every hour.  I told her if you don't like one of your teachers at least you only have to stay in class with them one hour.

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