Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Count Down To Start

 Swimming is over and Sigrid did a great job at her last meet.  She came over and showed us her new jeans and tops.  She has 3 pair of new levi's and enough tops for a week.
 If the girls wear shorts to school, they have to be longer.  None of Sig's are long enough so she will just wear jeans.
 Here her Pop made some comment and she is smiling about it.

 She got two pair of new sandals.  She can still wear her tennis shoes.  I hope she like middle grades.  She will change classes and have a locker for the first time.
 Sigrid's Dad works at her school so she is not too worried!
 We enjoyed seeing all the new clothes.  I can recall when I was in the 4th grade, Momma had sewed dresses for Fleta and I for school.  I was so excited about my new clothes.  I always had to get on the bus and go to school.  No one ever took us the first day.  Patsy went to my school with me when I was in the first grade.  She pushed me in the door and ran off.  Aunt Lovetta filled out papers for me.  She always took Sharon and Jerl Dean.  Everyone had a book holder that went on the back of their chair.  I never had one like the other kids.   I would have never have asked for one from Momma as I knew we did not have money for such things.  I doubt i even came to school with a pencil or paper.  Just me shoved in the door by Patsy.  I was afraid I know.  But I made it all through school and made better grades than most of the kids.  I am thankful for all the teachers who looked out for me.  I did not know then that they did, but I know today!  Lots of good people at Green Forest Schools.  This year Patsy's granddaughter is one of the teachers.  Hope she helps some frightened child the first day in memory of my Sister!


Sister--Fleta said...

those shoes do not match.

Clothes look so cute, like Siggy.

Anonymous said...

Lovely clothes for a lovely girl. I enjoyed your school stories. I have had two nieces and one nephew graduate from Green Forrest. I have a niece that will be a junior this year and she loves Green Forrest too. All four of these kids are siblings and they all have loved their school.

Margie's Musings said...

How old is Siggy now? Her clothes were cute and so were her shoes.

Sister--Helen said...

well I pulled out the computer today for the first time since I had been here...loved all the posts....siggy has great clothes...Astrid is a great model she should be making big bucks....when you posted that song for winnie and hubby I figured it was bad bad leroy brown....LOL and down town is not us...more of sitting on the porch watching the corn grow..or deer if you have no corn and sipping coffee...nothing is better than piece and quiet