Saturday, August 13, 2016

Last Visit Before Back To School

 Clayton and Greta came today with their parents.  Erin got about 3 inches cut off her hair.  The kids start to school Monday.  Greta is wondering what she will learn.  She was spelling her name for me and Clayton said "she can't read.  She just looks at the pictures and says stuff".  Clayton is an excellent reader.  I can tell every time he comes that he has matured.  He told me "I am not crying when I go to school".  I could tell he meant it.

 I stayed outside with him the entire time they were here.  He had a war.  There are two groups of men.  Good guys vs bad guys.  The ones on that center peice are injured--some dead he said.

 It took him a long time to set it all up.   When they came I had a fire in the fire pit I have and for several hours they picked up all my sticks and burned them. I set outside with them during this.  I knew Clayton would like it and he did.  I killed a snake this morning.  He got the hoe and moved it away from the big swing under the tree.
 This is the school calendar for high school fall sports...if you look closely you will see a pretty girl running near the bottom of the calendar.
 Astrid bought this shirt or jacket (don't really know which it is) and then bought the piece of material and sewed in the back panel.  Guess she saw them somewhere and decided she could make one.
 Laura's long time friend has a birthday soon.  Astrid painted this on one of her blocks of wood for Katie.  Katie's husband went to West Point.  He is a big time guy in the military.  I bet Katie loves this.  Hope Astrid signed it.

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Margie's Musings said...

Your grandchildren are so talented. Astrid's work looks like an adult's.