Sunday, August 28, 2016

Liar, Liar--Pants on Fire

We used to say "liar, liar, pants on fire".  Now, if someone tells a lie...they say
I misspoke
I over exaggerated
I was intoxicated (never say drunk as a skunk as we used to say)

I read a interested article in the AR Demo Gazette today by Jennifer Christman about Ryan Lochte and his big lie over in Brazil.   She was inviting him to join the Fraternal Order of Fibbers
Tiger Woods is president.
Lance Armstrong is vice president
Anthony Wiener past president
Brian William in charge of public relations
John Edwards is treasurer
James Frey is secretary
Mark Sanford recruiter
Bernie Madoff is in charge of the "prison out-reach"

It appears that Lochte has hired the same damage control team that worked for Justin Bieber. One spoke person for the Olympics said "oh, don't be too hard on the BOYS".  Lochte is 32!  Even the dyed hair can't make him look like a teenage beach boy.  Now, he has put a silver rinse on it.  Guess the damage control group advised that.  

Sister is going to drive the "red bomb" all the way from Atlantic Ocean to Carroll County, AR in a couple of weeks.   Hope the Lord grants her traveling mercies as they always say in church when someone is on a journey.    I hope to go up for a sisterly visit after she gets home!

Our dear cousin in Virginia has put her husband in an assisted living center.  His Alzheimer disease has advanced until she can not care for him.  I often think I have IT -- but Erin says you con't realize that IT jumped on your back like a big bear slowing you down to a snail pace.  Fleta shared a book by Conroy about his father.  He wrote a fiction one and then "Death of the Great Santini" which was the true tale of his father.  Well, I decided I had the fiction book and went to my great Library and checked out the true version.  Then, I always donate the books she gives me to the Library and they sell them.  When I checked in my checked out Conroy book I laid the book she gave me on the counter beside it to donate.  Guess what!   Exactly, the same book!  Get behind me Alzheimer's!


Sister--Fleta said...

Get in front of me Atlantic Ocean. Behind me Pacific.

Sister--Helen said...

thanks for all all caught up...had not been on in awhile....sure miss ya

Margie's Musings said...

My sister died of Alzheimer's so I know what they are going through. What a cruel way to go. You lose yourself and everyone else too.