Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Making Do and Gettin' By

 Growing up, we did not have staples or paper clips.  We were lucky to have food to eat.   Things kids use in school today were not necessities at our home on Douglas Road.  So when we had several sheets of paper to keep together we did this.  I used my old technique  the other day when I wanted to keep my printed coupon list together and did not want to search for my stapler.  I have several.  When we did this growing up, we just tore the little ears and turned down the page.  Then we chewed it a little so it would stay together.  We also used egg white for clue on paper and we used canned milk for clue when a plate or dish was broken.  It could not be one you put in dish water, only one for decoration like something that sat on a shelf.  When we were sun burned, Momma put vinegar on the red.  She made cough syrup by boiling onions with sugar.  We had to be pretty sick for her to go to this trouble.  
Today at the grocery store, I saw a pitiful older lady--fat and hobbling--part of her foot was gone.  She covered it with a fuzzy blue sock.  Her daughter was chauffeuring her.  She had to put great effort into getting in the van seat.  Standing of the stub with pain, she climbed in and then let out heavy sighs.  I thought of how Momma had to use great effort to move when she reached 70.  My knees hurt and I huff and puff, but just seeing this poor old woman let me see my blessings.  As she tried to make it to the seat, her daughter finished a long drag on her cigarette.   The daughter looked strangely built--top half was huge but her legs were tooth picks and she had no hips or butt.  I know that old crippled lady felt she was lucky to have this daughter to take her to the grocery store for things she needed.  Our blessings are from an individual perspective.

Today, I am making it just fine.  It is cool.  I made it out to walk two miles.  Larry is outside busy cleaning up his shop.  If I called, he would be here in a jiffy.  My two girls are jewels.  Neither addicted to drugs or alcohol.  Both working hard to raise children who can be the best possible.  They are lucky as both have husbands that work and help.   What a wonderful life I have.  Thank you, Lord, for saving my wretched soul.


Anonymous said...

And we are lucky to have our Momma.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Gigi-
You have made me stop one more time and count my blessings! It reminded me of the old song...

Count your Blessings, name them one by one.
Count your blessings, see what God has done.
Count your blessings, name them one by one.
Count your many blessings, see what God has done.

Winnie Sneed said...

Well said thoughts for today😇

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, you made me count my blessings too. I am almost 81 and in great health....so far!

I feel sorry for the poor lady who lost part of her foot.