Sunday, August 21, 2016

Busy, Busy

 When school starts, everyone with kids is very busy.  Sigrid came by yesterday to say howdy and I asked her all about RMS.  I know questions to ask about her school as I worked there 39 years.  Sigrid is a realist.  School is okay, but school is a lot of work, a lot of behaving, and she gets "a lot" tired of it all.  She is doing great.  She likes all her teachers but she would rather spend more quality time with her dog, Ju.
 Astrid is still getting to work at the dress shop and they are continuing to use her as a model.  Above she has just finished a long run staying out front and below she is dressed with makeup.  Two different looking girls.  We all have many faces.  

 Ingrid is playing volleyball again and she is captain of the Dance group.  She is in the Honor Society and loves being with her friends and busy.

 Helen shared these with me by phone and I am posting them.  She is doing well, but will be glad to be back in her "old" house with her own things and a slower pace.  She and Jake are trying to load up an ocean rock to bring to Arkansas for her yard!
 Jake and Amanda and she walked to the Ocean.  
 I bet Amanda took this one of Sister.  I posted it and then went back and cut her legs out--being my usual nice self.  Legs are one of the first things to get old as we age.  Be glad when Sister can come home!

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Margie's Musings said...

You have several sisters, don't you? Are all still around?