Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hot and Humid

I found this old picture of Ingrid's first locker.  She surely had it fixed up.  I bet she is the one that advised Sig to just put up a few pictures and forget it.

It was cooler this morning.  I got my shoes on to go walk but decided to stop by Walmart about an hour later I came out of the store to hot and humid temperatures and I just came back home.  I hope to get to the library today.  I need some reading material.

I enjoyed Killing Reagan and wonder if it was a true take on his presidency.  I really don't know.  I think one could go back and review some of his speeches and such and see if Bill O'Rielly was truthful.

School is starting without me Monday.  This will be the start of five years away from education.  I am glad I am not going this week.  On the last, it literally made me sick.  I would get fever blisters from stress.  So much stress.  Teachers need to be young.

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