Sunday, July 19, 2015

Handing Down

 Isn't this neat.  Sigrid handed this dress down to Greta.  Erin had to put it away several years, but the big day came.  Here she is tall enough to wear Sigrid's dress.  Laura will know if Ingrid or Astrid wore the dress.  I saved two of the dresses Momma made for Laura and Sigrid, Ingrid, Astrid and even little Greta wore them.  Maybe just for a picture but the memory is precious to me.  All Momma's little girl dresses had a gathered skirt, short sleeves and a sash to tie behind.  I can remember her sewing in the gathering string and getting it just right to sew on the dress waist.  She could cut out most simple dresses with no pattern.  I can see Momma setting and sewing on an a little dress. It was enjoyment to her.  When I left home at 17 to go to college.  She bought me a sewing machine.  It was from Sears and in a case.  I so wish I still had it.   I made clothes at S of O and repaired things for the girls in the dorm.  I recall making this pillow case like sack with a sting in the top and I carried my clothes to college in it.  I had a small make up suitcase, but everything else I put in that sack.  I have a cup that I "carried off" from the cafeteria.  Notice I did not say stole!  I bought instant Nescafe coffee and would make me a good cup of coffee from the hot water in that fourth floor dorm room.  We wanted to sun bathe and we did on the roof.  We would crawl out the window, put a blanket on the roof and lay in the sun!   I wonder who could see us.  Now we had on bathing suites but still I don't recall worrying about who might be watching us!  Precious memories.

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