Sunday, July 19, 2015

Life Is Short

Erin graduated with David Wyatt.  I may have taught him in Middle School, but right now I don't recall it.  He had brown hair and the close cut makes him look different.  God bless the family of David Wyatt.
Sister wrote this in memory of an Iraq casulaty that she knew personally.  Sharing it here in David's memory.

                        One of Our Own

At first the news is distant and vague, like many others…
      Another soldier gone
      Dead in a far off land
But to us, this one is different,
                A familiar face on the news

         He is a Local Boy
        One of Our Own…

Another citizen soldier sent off long ago, with best wishes and Prayers...
      to that distant place
       never ever to return
But to us, this one is different from the others
                Not a stranger from another town

        He is a Local Boy
         One of Our Own…

But in our hearts we know…
To Some One, Some Place
Each and Every One

         Is a Local Boy
         One of Our Own…

October 5, 2004
Fleta Aday

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