Friday, July 10, 2015

You Know and Basically

You know...some young people can not say one sentence without inserting "you know" and basically.  I want to say..."no, I don't know".  They do not even know what they mean with "basically".  Girls often add "like" to each sentence!   All three grate my backbone.

Helen knows I think about things and then feel repentant.   I should not be so critical. I can't spell and can't type and I am sure it "grates at some folk's read my garbage!"
 Helen redid Hannah and Robert's four wheeler seat.  I could tell she was not pleased with the result, but I think it looks so good.  The plastic cost $5.00!  The old cover is on the chair above!  It was gone...or did the goats eat it?
 Greta said she loved the princesses and Rapunzel was her favorite.  Laura said didn't you like me and Greta looked at her funny to which Laura told her..."I am Ariel".
 Sigrid went to a friend's house to swim.  They are doing a synchronized swimming routine.
 Pop and Astrid would have finished but we had some "good" company with Erin, Clayton and Greta so they only worked about an hour.  Almost done though.
 Clayton and I hunted toads and he took home 8 in a bucket.  Well, after he left, sweet Cora got snake bite somewhere around here.  I immediately called Erin and told her to tell more hunting toads in the flower bed.  I gave Cora Benedryl and she is sleeping.
 Astrid and Ingrid got some false eye lashes.  Here Astrid is wearing pretty.  Her eyes are blue velvet!

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Winnie Sneed said...

Betty....I so understand abou "you know"....our teaching daughter Cindy has had that terrible habit since about is just horrible and Mike does say back to her after about the fourth time NO, I DO NOT KNOW! has really been not so enjoyable.....we finally got rid of " like"
Please keep the snakes down your way....I hate snakes....Mike has killed two and with all the rain those stupid little bats have made their way into the house, but they came in through the attic fan and were killed.
Today NO RAIN and should be in the 90's...I'll bet the mushrooms pop out
Have an awesome weekend😘