Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July Jam

Helen is redoing the back porch of the home place.  It looks so much better.  Our dear brother had to sleep out there.  When she sent the picture I actually thought "that looks good enough to sleep out there".   Sleeping on a back porch is nice in hot weather.
 Sigrid took this with their Ipad.  With the Ipad (it is connected to Ingrid's phone number), Laura can text Sigrid at home.  The picture has either a spider or some other bug on Sig's flower.  I like the picture
 Larry is putting a cabinet over my washer and dryer.  It will be white.   I think Astrid is going to paint it for me.  He is still working on it.  There will be a shelf where you see that board across.  It is 14 inches tall there and then about 10 on the top shelf.  I have to get something to stand on to get to that shelf so I will just put stuff there to store it.   Larry redid the entire laundry room.  So I am glad to have a place for my detergent, etc.  I have my washer and dryer covered so he does not have to worry about marring them if he drops something.
Larry and Ingrid finished her bench.  They took it to her house.  After she paints it and puts a cushion it will look different.  I really like the bench.  It only took Larry a little while to make it.  He would wait for her to help or he could have had it finished in no time.  He put little feet on it.  You can barely see them.
 Astrid made this picture frame with a paint pen.  It is her at the beach.  The frame is really neat.  I was supposed to take Astrid to Cross Country practice today (Tuesday) but I just forgot her.  She called as I was finishing mile 3 at the trail.  I could not have gotten back to the truck and out to get her in time for her not to be late.  Her Dad was able to take her.  I have to have things written down or be reminded for I often just forget.  She came and helped me with the pups so I guess she was not mad at me.  She will be one of the fastest girls on her CC team.  Maybe the fastest.
We have two Feist pups.  Sigrid let them out today.  We weaned them today.  So this will be a record of the date of weaning.  They were born June 1.  Their names are Benbeau and Winfred.  Sig named them.  We call them Winnie and Bennie.  We sold the other young Feist we had so we can keep these two.  They cried for their Momma a little today and she cried for them.

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