Friday, July 17, 2015

On Being A Christain

 July 15, of this year, Grandpa Powell has beengone over 60 years.  I own two of his books and Grandma Powell's Bible, plus Betty Lou's little Bible that I am sure she had from a young age.  The name of this book is Life on the Highest Plane.
 I am going to read the entire book and I am writing in it so it will not be valuable.  This book is still popular.  I wonder when Grandpa got his copy.   I would say surely some time in the 1930s or 1940s. I am wondering is Cuz Winnie knows anything about the book and him.
I am past page 100.  I read only a chapter or two at a time.  Paxton says there are three planes that man can reside in on this earth.  The natural is the lowest and this man does not believe in God but in his own abilities.  He is lost.  The next plane she calls the home of the carnal man.  This man has accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and believes in the new birth of man.  He is saved but is wasting his life by still being drawn into sinfulness.  All men sin but the carnal man is knee deep in sin.  The carnal man is a saved man.  The third plane is the spiritual plane.  When a Christian moves to this plane, he takes full advantage of a righteous life communing with God.

The book points out lots of things I have never thought too much about.  God is light.  Satan is darkness.  The two can not mix.  God is love.  Satan's big sin was wanting to be God.  Of course, God knew Adam would fall when he created him.  God created Adam in his own image.  Since God is all knowing, he knew what would happen in Eden and it did.  Satan was on the earth when God created Adam.  I am enjoying the book and trying to read it slowly.  Sometimes when I hurry through a book, I just don't "get" it all.

Today is Erin's last day with Boone County Hospital.  She has been there 10 years.  I sure hope she loves her new job.  Maybe it will open more doors for her.  She said a "big" billing lady was there yesterday.  Sort of worrying and fidgeting about what was going to happen after Erin was gone.  She asked Erin--what do you do?   To which, I think Erin should have said "everything"...but she did not. Erin told her to ask her a question and she would try to answer it but she did not know how to respond to that broad, open ended question.  I do hope they miss the hard worker they are losing.  They will not find one person that can do all Erin does.  Coding alone is a full time job.

Erin is going to be over the RN's for a non profit in a big area.  I think she said 5 counties in northwest, AR.  So maybe Boone, Carroll, Madison, Benton, and Washington?

I walked 3 and a half miles today.  I am able to go farther and faster than before.  I was walking pretty steady by the end of May so soon it will be two months of moving on.  I feel like my head is coming out of a fog.  It is a good feeling.


The 4th Sister said...

God is light and Satan darkness....light always overpowers the darkness.

Sister--Three said...

Yes and the two can not exist together. Bring in light and the darkness is gone.
Put out the light and darkness reigns.