Saturday, July 11, 2015


 Pop and Astrid are finishing the dresser.  I bet she takes it home in a little while.
 Astrid took this tree picture at Haw Creek.  It is really a neat tree.  I love unusual things discovered in nature.  I can tell Astrid and Sigrid do too.  Ingrid is a "house" girl.  Nature does not excite her much.  We are all different and Sigrid says we need to be tolerant.  I overhead her and her Pop discussing "same sex" marriage.  It was interesting to hear them.  I listened from the kitchen.  Sigrid finally changed the subject.    Sigrid told her Pop that she did not believe that same sex marriage was "correct" but she felt she needed to be tolerant.  Pop says he is too old to be tolerant anymore.   He would say "get behind me , Satan".  I loved ease-dropping on their discussion.
 Clayton is strong!
 Anchors away.
 State Park in Fl.  Below is the picture Astrid sent sitting under the water fall.  On my ipad it was upside down.  So I spent a lot of time "fixing" it.  The one below I loaded upside down.  Now days, the Iphones know right side up.

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