Wednesday, May 11, 2016

After The Sweet Rain

 My Mum is blooming.  Patsy told me they should bloom twice.  I have some smaller ones but this is the prettiest of them.
 I got my okra thinned.  I just went along and pulled some out...well, a bunch out.  Now I need to hoe a little.  It was 88 degress yesterday so the garden is already dry enough to step in without making tracks.
 I am so ignorant.  I did not know the Catalpa tree bloomed.  Now, that may be the wrong name...but the bloom is so pretty.
 Something nibbled off the top of this tomato and I think it is going to revive.  One tomato was gone. I am sure it will not revive, but I planted about 35 so I still have plenty.
 I have never had prettier potatoes.  I think it is because it stayed cooler this spring.
 This is why the chickens are in jail.
 My Swamp Daisies are still alive.  I sure hope they bloom the first year.
 Visitors still hanging around the pond.
Another visitor came by.  I despise her. I had about four beans just ate off.   I saw this near there.  Cora probably woke up and went out there or they would have had a feast.  My Aunt Helen Renfroe said they do not even try to plant beans or peas anymore.  A waste of time.  She is older and wiser than I am as I am still trying.

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Anonymous said...

Oh you pictures are so pretty. And I would be MADDER than rip at your four legged neighbors.
I also understand why the chickens are in jail. Now you can really say you have jailbirds. ;)