Saturday, May 21, 2016

Love Working Outside

 Look at my potatoes.  Aren't they lovely.  Below you can see I got the grass out of my onions.

 I am harvesting cabbage.  I hope to send a head to my new Patsy this week.  They are Conical shaped and small.  Larry said they were the easiest to grow.  He is right.  See that fur above.  I think Cora got rid of a garden pest last evening--a cotton tail.
 This squash is a zucchini.  I hope someone likes them.  They are ok but I get tired of them fast.  My thinking was the chickens would love them.  My chickens are still jail birds.  Today we had bacon and an egg on toast for breakfast.  They yellows were not very bright.  The green grass is what makes the vitamin A in the eggs, but I can't let them out as they head for the garden.  Peck, peck, peck.
 The deer ate off one plant and killed it. I carefully planted what was labeled cucumber, but it may be squash as I save old seed in the freezer and I may have got the seeds in the wrong pkg.  It was a small seed and cucumber seed is smaller than squash.  Fleta said go to Walmart and buy a 6 pack of cucumber.  I would like to but there is something in the sentence that I don't do much of--GO.
 I hoed the toamtoes.  See the second.  Deer ate it off the night I set them out.  They have deer repel around them now.  They ate off about 4.  I think one is going to die but have hope for the other 3.

 This is not poison ivy or poison oak.  Poison Ivy is a bush Poison oak climbs.  This is Wood Vine and it does not break one out.

“Leaves of three, let it be”
“Berries white, run in fright”
“Hairy vine, no friend of mine”

Leaves of Three, Let Them Be –
Leaves of Five, Let Them Thrive!!
My Swamp Daisies are doing well!
These Day Lilies are Forgotten Dreams.  I bought them because of their name.  I have many dreams that I gave up on.
Tiger Lilies are about to bloom.
I think this is a wild rose Larry's Mom had and I have kept it.  I am not good with roses.
My Mum!
Surely, this lily will have a marvelous bloom--?
Grandma Gaddy's chicken pen!
Four O'clccks keep returning.  Not really pretty but hardy.
My Begonia came back nicely and twice the chickens dug it out completely.  I put it into the wire flower garden and low and behold, it is going to make it, I think.
Fleta's mint--tough like she is!


Anonymous said...

Oh you garden is just heavenly. Mine is coming along nicely! I will trade you a jar of raspberry jam for that cabbage. I love being outside too. I have been out all day helping Doug repair our tiller. It is just too expensive to buy a new one right now. I love zucchini and yellow squash. My cucumbers are growing but rather slow. Oh well, it will turn hot soon enough and the type of creatures; we are we will be wishing it was cool again. :) ~Amy-Patsy

Sister--Fleta said...

Your garden looks great. Dan Norton says that ivy will kill a tree after a few years if you do not get it off the tree. It takes years, but I think he is right. The ivy is a parasite and takes its nourishment from the tree instead of the ground.

Sister--Three said...

I think that sounds reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful head of cabbage. We are going to enjoy it this evening. I have sent you a little surprise. Laura should be delivering it this afternoon.