Monday, May 30, 2016

Harvest Today

 I cut a cabbage today and made cole slaw.  I saw a tall "hog" weed in my potatoes and pulled it.  Well, it exposed a couple of big potatoes, so I dug that one spot and got these three nice potatoes.  When the garden dries out, we will need to dig the potatoes.   If we don't they will rot, when it gets really hot as they have had lots of rain.  We got another big shower this afternoon.
 I picked the zucchini.  I got several green ones and a couple yellow squash.
 My Tiger lilies are starting to bloom.  I wish I had another flower bed so I could fill it up with them.  They have grown into the pasture.  I need to rescue them.
 This is a bloom off a plant that is of the cactus family.  I have never liked them.  It too has moved into the pasture, but I will not try to move it as they are just not one of the plants I like.

 Astrid finished one of the canvases for Erin's office.  I took a close up of the fish so you could see all the detail.  Erin's office had no color so Astrid picked this to liven it.  Now, she is working on the Beatitudes.  I know it has some green and the pink color in it.
Helen sent me this.  It is the wreath Sharon Kay made for Uncle Floyd and Aunt Lovetta's stone.  It is pretty but Helen's were even prettier I thought.  


Anonymous said...

Beautiful veggies! Love the painting.

Anonymous said...

I cooked some of your cabbage today for our dinner.....oh my is all I could say about it. It was so fresh.