Saturday, May 28, 2016

More Grave Flowers

 Sister Helen finished the flowers for the graves.  Above is Debbie's.  She loved pink.  Below is Janet's.  These three will hang from a hook in the ground.  I forget what Helen called them--maybe Shepard's hooks.
 This one is Sister Patsy's.  She would like the Dog Woods.
 Daddy's peacock feathers in Clayton's wreath.

 Sister Patsy's and Niece Janet's--on shepard's hook!
Little Debbie's

 Powell's at rest!

Larry finally caught some Channel Catfish and we had two last night.  Will cook the rest tonight.  The Lake is very clean and the fish are good because of the clean environment.  This is Larry's brother fishing.
 I made anohter Iris bed and tried to get yellow in it.   There are lots more that it shows.  Many are just roots.  I put 3 bags of cow manure compost and then the mulch.  Hope to see blooms next year.  The timbers were around our tree that the storm blew down.  I moved it here.  Was more work than it looks like.  You have to level the timbers to get them to fit.  They had huge nails in them, but I did get it done without dying.

 This is Opal.  She is a Reg. Mt. Feist squirrel dog.  She is 11 or 12.  A snake has been bothering her in her dog pen.  It was under the timbers around the chain link.  She would bark and bark and scratch, but she could not get to it.  We put the timbers around the bottom so dogs can not dig out.  Well, yesterday Mr. Rat Snake came out and she finished him off quickly.  I went out to see what was going on and saw the murder.  The snake was huge, but no more!

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Anonymous said...

The flowers for your loved ones are beautiful. I'm sure that they would love them. I love the color yellow. It always makes me smile and feel warm. Your sister did a fantastic job.

Opal did a number on that snake. WOW! ~Amy-Patsy