Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gardens, Geese, and Glory

Patsy would be 77 today.  I miss her.
 Pop built this flower garden for Sigrid.  I think this is her 3rd year to have flowers in it.  I bought her the bird bath for her birthday one year.  I got a metal one so it would not freeze and burst if she left water in it.  Below she planted Phlox in an old wheel barrow.  What a neat idea.
 This is a different variety of Phlox in an old tin bath tub.
 Her peach tree that she got for her birth day...has peaches again!
 This is one of the two big ferns Larry gave Laura last year.  She put them under her house for the winter and they are going to come back.  They were beautiful last year and I bet they will be again.
 Pop put a hose reel near the side of the house.  it is attached to that post.  I told him it could be my Mother's Day gift.  The hose will be off the ground and out of the way now.
 One of my Mums is starting to bloom.  I recall that Patsy said often they bloomed twice.
 This is one of my predator birds--Red Wing Black Bird.  They used to hog the bird feeder but since I took Pop's advice and moved it near the house, they enjoy the seeds but let the other birds eat too.
 These two stopped by yesterday.  They will move on but are lovely guests for a while.

 They are making a feast from that yellow blooming weed.  Geese graze like cattle!

Pop's favorite might be the Blue Jay.  He really thinks the are pretty.  
This is the old plant that Patsy told me the correct name for and as usual I have forgotten.  It is not a pretty bloom but it is a lush plant for early spring.  It will fill the flower bed with great, green leaves.

 Two bearded ladies in my yard.
 Grandma Gaddy's Hens and Chickens are thriving.
 When I walked over to take a picture of Sig's flowers, I spotted this wild cat with breakfast in her jaws.  Wild cats are a nuisance.  They carry diseases and hang around your house at night.   You will find foot prints on your car.  Larry and I don't really like cats.
 Cousins?  How long does it take a family to grow distant.  Well, I was thinking of this yesterday.  I think after two generations the connection is really broken usually.  I thought back to our family.  Daddy did not know much about his Aunt Oma's children and nothing about Bertha's.  Then our generation was blank as to their existence and they to ours.  Daddy knew his cousins from Uncle Jesse really well, but we don't know much about the generation after that.  If you live in the same town or better yet as neighbors, it is different.  Melton Powell's Grandchildren and Jesse's were not close growing up.  A tie that binds is snipped with time!

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Anonymous said...

I hope Sigrid harvest lots of peaches from her tree. I love your hose holder. :) I don't know what else to call it. lol