Monday, May 23, 2016

Everything is Green!

 This is our Catalpa tree that Wayne Hawkins from Georgia gave us.  The first year we kept it in a flower pot.   It was not but about 8 inches tall.  The blooms are so pretty.
 Freeman Springs, AR is just south of Pelsor.  Granny's uncle Lemuel Owen Standridge lived here.  Once the County had the folks in the neighborhood meet here for vaccination.   There was some kind of disease outbreak and the County provided the shots.  Well, some of the Freemans were feuding and little William Freeman was shot by the other bunch and died.  I don't know if the County had to give him a shot or not!  Maybe the Hillbilly's shot was first and the county saved that vaccine.
 Found this picture of my garden in 2010 May.  

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