Saturday, May 7, 2016

Love A Porch

 I know the above is Momma's front porch after Daddy passed because her sweet mailman, Ronnie Robertson, drove into the yard and put her mail in the box there on the porch.
 Helen sent this today. She is working on the proch.  It looks pretty with the ferns she got from the Amish folks up the road.
 Her old door welcomes all.  Isn't it pretty.
 Today she painted the ceiling.  You can see the opening to the attic we crawled through when we had to go up there to retrieve something.
She added a rug--outdoor--it will  cover the big cracks in the porch.  I think she said JR bought it.  But am not real sure.  It really looks great.  That bench might be big enough for a nap?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your Mama and Daddy's porch. Love the house too. Your sister has it looking so nice. She has an eye for decorating it. ~Amy-Patsy