Sunday, May 29, 2016

So She Sewed

 Sigrid went to "new Patsy's" Momma's house and sewed yesterday.  I know she loved it.  She proudly showed me the stitches she put into her garden flag with a C.  Her seamstress friend is called "Big Momma" I think and I can see Poppa there making sure everything goes just right.  Big Momma has what I would call a sewing studio seperate from her home!  I am envious.  It is one of my "forgotten" dreams.
 Here you can see Sigrid's pillow case and below the flag for her garden.  I asked about how many sewing machines Big Momma had and Sigrid said "several".  Lucky lady indeed.
 Ingrid went on a shopping spree with friends.  This is in preparation of her big trip coming up June 9.  She will get to see a Broadway show and visit many famous sites in Washington D. C. and New York City.


Margie's Musings said...

Sigred is very multi talented too.

Anonymous said...

We loved having Sigrid and Laura....It was a day to remember. My Mama bragged and bragged on Laura being such a wonderful Mother that is teaching her girls to be such fine ladies with many talents and so mannerly. And that all stems from Laura being taught~the gift goes on.
Our world could use a whole lot more like them! ~Amy-Patsy