Monday, May 9, 2016

Eggs, Eggs

 A dozen eggs a day--adds up fast.  So I boil them.  Larry eats a boiled egg if he wants a snack.
 I make breakfast for supper.  This is my plate.  A few years back I started eating off a smaller plate--looks like more.  I used all the jam My New Patsy sent so I bought this sugary kind!
 Eric cooked for Laura and I on Mother's day.  Laura made me a cheese cake.  It was so good and I brought deviled eggs to the meal!
 Finally got my tomatoes out of the cold frame and in the garden.  Lord sent a slow rain today to help the roots set in.  Helen called and I told I was going to commit abortion.  "What", she cried!  Well, the okra is so thick and I planted all those seeds now I must pull some up and throw them away.  It started to rain harder and I will wait to do it as I don't want muddy tracks in my garden!
 My potatoes are lovely.  I can't let the chickens out.  They are butchering my cabbage so they must stay penned!
 My visitors came by again!

 Helen sent these.  Her nephew, Tony, brought her a new burn barrel.  I gave her that bird feed and it broke.  I think it fell and it was glass.  Well, she glued the pan lid on.  Isn't it cute.  So nice to save things from the trash can.
 This is the homeplace well house--what is left of it--just a slab but Helen made a little patio to enjoy.  I like it.   I see a bird bath.  Below is Astrid's latest picture with the Lavish style.  She looks pretty.

 I heard the girls playing in the pool and Astrid shared pictures of them.
Gary and his granddaughter, Madelyn, shared Mother's Day lunch with us.  She is a beautiful girl.

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Margie's Musings said...

Verrry interesting! I love your photos.