Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Been Talking To A Preacher!

Here is Sister in her shirt and undershirt I got her for her day--Mother's.  Helen did all the work.  Fleta is a mother to young ones again.  I would not be good at her new job.  But if we always do our best our Lord will send help.  He sent Helen and she is a big help, I know.

Ecclesiastes means preacher or close to that in our language.  Solomon wrote it in his old age.  Proverbs he wrote likely in his prime.   This is his sermon in his old age.  You can't understand it until you reach his mile stone.  I am there and "I get it".  I have read the Book many times, but I started a couple of weeks ago to reread it.  What an eye opener!  All is meaningless!  All you toiled for all your life you see is nothing!

What is crooked cannot be straightened;
    what is lacking cannot be counted.
For with much wisdom comes much sorrow;
    the more knowledge, the more grief.

So what does the Preacher say to do:
1.  Do good
2.  Enjoy those around you--your family
3.  Live to do good
4.  Fear God as the day of judgement is at hand

Try to find joy and vitality in life.  What better way than to "walk on".  If you have ever gone on a long walk you will find joy if you just look around and the walk will add to your vitality.  If you are old, you might reread the Preacher's sermon.  It is a good one!


Anonymous said...

Beautifully restated!!!! Oh, My what words of wisdom and I needed this today. When I got to the part that said, "Walk On", it reminded me of a day a few months ago that my little grand daughter at the young age of 5 said the Lord spoke to her in her dreams and He said, "Walk On"! You just reiterated that to me again today. Nothing in this life will last but Jesus is everlasting. Love it ~Amy-Patsy

Sister--Three said...

I know that we are under grace, but I still love the Old Testament. I am delivered!