Sunday, May 15, 2016

Beautiful Day

 Garden all plowed out again.  I sprinkled deer repel in it early last week.  I will need to retreat as I have plowed it.

 This is Kandy Korn and it needs to be hoed.  If it does not rain, maybe I will get to it tomorrow, but it's supposed to rain.  Just a little grass in it.
 I thank I could "grabble"some potatoes.
 Merrit Corn in the back garden along with Watermelon and Cantaloupe.
 My jail birds!  I cut some limbs off in the fence row and put them in the pen.  Thought maybe they would eat the green leaves.  No, they said "we don't like trees, Gigi, give us some cabbage from the garden"!
 There are Dew berries by my chicken pen.  Jonell said if I pick two quarts I could make tomorrow I am going to try to get two quarts.  I picked a quart and made a cobbler.  It was really good.
 Astrid's soccer team--just for a memory!

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Anonymous said...

Your garden is beautiful. Mine is growing and I love walking in it. Can't wait til we get to eat some fresh veggies. We gave the sheep next door some grass clippings and they turned their nose up at them. I was surprised. Dew berries look awesome...I bet your jam turns out delicious. I'm sure Sigrid will enjoy it on a hot biscuit. ~Amy-Patsy