Saturday, January 23, 2016

Beep, Beep--Jeep, Jeep

Larry supports the AR Tech Golden Suns.  Today this pretty young lady picked him up and she and her sister accompanied him to the game.  What a sweet surprise to an old Grandpop!  Astrid says she likes the way the jeep sets up high and also that it is short and easy to handle.

Laura went to walk and took me along.  I walked two miles and this morning early I walked a mile and a half.  So this is more than I have traveled in a while.    With the cold weather, walking has not been enjoyable.  If it finally hits 50 degrees, I am going to think "hot weather".

We went to our friend's funeral today.  It was the old fashioned kind.  No videos, no pictures showing on a screen.  Two ministers spoke and 3 hymns were played.  The hymns were not "go rest high on the mt."   I like that song but it is not a hymn.  For Frank, they chose What a Wonderful Savior is Jesus My Lord, Beulah Land, and Amazing Grace.  I appreciated the choices and the service.  Sort of like, this was Frank's life and his service does not have to be "modern".

Hope my sweet sisters are doing well today--Fleet and Helen--I love you.  We are connected at the heart!

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