Wednesday, January 6, 2016


This was in my January folder for last year.  Oh dear, hope we miss some of this cold and snow this season.

Larry said yesterday that he could tell that the days were longer.  Today is supposed to be about 50 degrees and then not freezing tonight.

Clayton's surgery is at noon.  McKenzie's is next week.  Glad when both are over.  Also, looking forward to Sister Helen coming home.  I can tell she is tired of not having her own space and time.  Hang in there, Helen.  You will be home for spring and planting tomatoes and watching the birds and killing the snakes.

My book that I picked up for Laura by Rick Bragg is  a disappointment.   It is his essays in Southern Living.  I not a fan of a book of essays.  I will pass it to Laura when I see her.  Bragg needs to write another book.

I picked up Ingrid yesterday and will today.  Astrid has started soccer full blast.  She has to stay at High School until 5 P.M>


Winnie Sneed said...

I just started reading "All The Light We Cannot See" by Anthony month we will read "Intimate Enemies/ The two worlds of the Baroness De Pontalba...I have to end for the first time

Donna said...

I recently read "The Oregon Trail" by Rinker Buck and now Cliff is reading it. He, too, is enjoying it. It's amazing to watch two brothers cross the country in a covered wagon in this day and age. It's fun to watch them meet various people across the country and find all but two of them to be helpful and agreeable. And it's fun to discover the unique personalities of the brothers.

I don't recommend a lot of books to my husband (I know what he will like), but it's fun when I find one worthy of him, because then we get to have our own little book club and discuss the book together.