Friday, January 1, 2016

Clean Slate?

2016 is here.  Soon the Sisters will have been blogging a decade.  If I had not deleted my first blog, I would arrive with Fleta and Helen, but Helen will hit the milestone and then Fleta.  I will lag behind coming in last.  Most want to be first but when you come in last you have a nice path to follow.  The holes the others stepped in are move visible and they have removed a lot of the rocks and limbs along the way.

I started a new devotional.  Streams in the Desert--written in 1925.  Larry got it for me for Christmas but Laura picked it.  Today's thoughts were about the hills and valleys we encounter during a year's journey.  If life was just a even path, it would be a dull existence.  Our ups and downs, shape us. How we deal with what comes our way makes us who we are.  Fleta says we go back to what we did to deal with troubles in the past.  A drunk returns to the glass.  God's child grabs His hand.   The Bible says As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.  The lesson said we know "God's will WILL be done"  but let Him hold on to my hand in the doing.  So much better to walk through life with a faithful Friend.  I need Him to hold my hand not me hold His.  I want Him to lead me.

I want to be a good wife, sister, mother, granny, friend in this coming year.  I want to walk my path with courage doing my best for Him.  Yes, I want to eat healthy and exercise my body and mind.  But I want to please my Father in 2016.  I want to obey.  I am glad he gives me a clean slate each time I ask and even if I don't!  If I can show love, I think He will be pleased.

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