Monday, January 11, 2016

Old Photo Found

This picture was Grandma Powell's.  I know because of her handwriting on the back.  Grandma wrote "Patsy at home".  I knew I had the picture but had not seen it in a long time.  While looking for another old photo, I ran across it.  The back clearly says--November 1957.  Patsy was born in May of 1938 so she was 19.  

The wallpaper, rug, tv, even the old lamp bring back a flood of memories to me.  I am glad to find the picture again.  Also, glad my scanner does scan in color.  Fleta said that likely it would only scan black and white but this looks just like the photo I scanned.
Too bad we did not give this picture to Grandma Powell.  I can see this was the same day as the photo of Patsy Ann.

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