Monday, January 4, 2016

Down Hill From Here

Fleta and me
She is older today
This was 10 years ago

 Greta and Clayton enjoy the thrill of sailing down hill.  Our 2016 year has started and we are heading into the events to come about like the two in this little movie.   We don't have a lot of control over somethings but we can "link" up and be stronger because of it.  (tbh, I thought this was Greg with Greta and it is her little brother--all big)

 Greta is deciding if she might be a makeup artist someday!  This reminds me of those games at parties where one is blindfolded whilst appling make up.
Astrid made a duvet to cover her down comforter.  She tie dyed it and Laura sewed it together.  See the little rug by her bed.  She crocheted it.

Laura and Astrid and Ingrid are doing the no white flour or white sugar diet for a while.  I know they will feel better for it.  Laura and Eric went back to school today.  Children follow tomorrow.

My new chickens laid 4 brown eggs yesterday.  Larry is watching you tube and is going to build me a movable extension to my pen.

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