Saturday, January 16, 2016

Someone I know

Erin shared a link with me.  I think this is Rex Wise, husband of my bus driver growing up.  His son was in my class...David I think was his name.  Fleta, I am right or has my memory left me. What the post said:
Rex Wise is Ozark Physical Therapy's January Patient of the month. Here is Rex's testimony: "Hi, my name is Rex Wise and I see Dennis at OPT for training with my prosthetic leg. I am ninety plus young and Dennis has helped me out with my balance and learning how to walk again. I highly recommend Dennis to anyone who has physical therapy needs.

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Sister--Fleta said...

Yes, that is husband of bus drive Ruth Wise. I think Ruth has passed on. They used to live carrollton cutoff road between huge and carrollton. Probably lives in town now, Yes, his son was David. Think David still lives on home place.