Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday And Nasty Rain

 I think this picture of Greta was at her school.  The teachers say Greta is a prefect little girl.  But when she gets home she has to "let the ornery out" Erin says.  Well, Erin was just like that.
 Clayton had his surgery at Children's Hospital.  Below is afterwards before going home.  His incision is about 2 inches long and glued shut.  Erin's incision in 1983 was also clued.  I recall it had a big piece of tape on it.  Hope Clayton gets to go back to school next week.  Hope he gets bored staying at home.  Erin took the rest of the week off.
 Astrid has this drawing prompt book.  Look how she has doodled on the cover.  So beautiful.
Here is Ingrid's newest dance video.  I don't think I pick her up today as Laura usually texts me and asks but she hasn't so I bet Ingrid has dance after school

Little McKenzie has her surgery next week.  A robot will do it I think.  I know Helen is really looking forward to it being over. Ingrid is on right sort of in middle.  I had to enlarge video to pick her.  Also, asked Laura to be sure.


Erin said...

They are at the library in the top pictures.

Sister--Three said...

Oh, I missed again with my guess.