Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday Today

 Clayton and Greta went back to school yesterday.  Clayton has his little surgery Wednesday at noon. Remember him.   He and Greta made a man.  I think his name is Claytonstein.

Clayton has a new car powered by crickets.  I read on the net that folks were griping about cruelty to crickets.  Wonder what they think about using them as fish bait.  Some things now days are just silly.

 These were my first four eggs from my Brown Bovans.  I got 10 yesterday.  I gave these to Laura.  They have been eating store bought eggs.  Once you get used to home grown eggs, the store ones are nasty.  I recall Daddy said they were about 2 weeks old when they got to the store.  I would not even keep eggs two weeks.
 Yesterday, I decided to see if I could still complete the crossword in the Little Rock paper.  I did it pretty easily.  I used to do the crossword everyday at work.  I would get Fish to help me if I could not get a word.  I noticed about a year ago I spent a great deal of time in the morning filling it in and decided to stop doing it daily.  I still want to fill it in once in a while to see if I still can.  In 1979 when I stayed home after giving birth to Erin, I tried doing the crossword in the local paper.  I could only fill in part of it each day.  I decided that I should be able to do it.  Within a short time, the local one was easy.  It still is today.  The Little Rock one I do is called the Universal Crossword.  I don't do the New York Times one.  It often has movies and actors.  I don't know any of that so it is hard for me.
This is my great great niece Gabriela.   Not sure how they spelled it.  She is a little gem.