Thursday, January 21, 2016

Denver Road

Jonell sent this picture of the road in front of her house taken with her phone this morning.   There is not a lot of snow but it looks really cold and treacherous there.  I think  this the hill she walks up when she walks her mile each day.  Sometimes she walks up it more than once.  She says she walks to Joe Ervin's but I have not lived here in almost 50 years and I have lost my bearings of the area.  I guess that road goes to Denver, Ar but I am only guessing.  This morning I am glad I do not live up there anymore!


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Sister--Fleta said...

At the top of the serpentine road at the left of the picture is the junction of Jonell's road and the Alpena-Denver Road at the top of Denver hill coming up from the Long Creek Bridge at Denver.

Sister--Helen said...

i know whwew it is