Friday, January 22, 2016

New Rig For Rids

 Astrid delivers Ingrid to school each day.  The single cab pick up did not work well for hauling passengers with 4 back packs.  Eric and Laura bought this Jeep today.  Not exactly ALL Astrid's as someday Ingrid will drive it too.  Who knows maybe even Sigrid if they take care of it like their Pop takes care of his cars.  That is why I say it is for the "Rids"--Astrid, Ingrid, and Sigrid maybe!  It has low miles and 4 wheel drive. They are the third owners, but all the owners have been older folks.  It sets off the road which you need if you live in the country on a dirt road.


Sister--Helen said...

looks like a nice rig I am sure the kids are so happy

Margie's Musings said...

Nice! Jeeps don't have the best reputation but maybe it will be fine if they take real good care of it. I used to sell them when I worked at Quality Motors.