Saturday, January 9, 2016

Old Picture

This is Jim Sandlin, Charlie Powell and Lige Powell. Lige died in 1954 so it was before that time.  Lige and Charlie were sons of Cyrus Powell and first cousins to Richard Powell who married Betty Cooper, my name sake.  Lige's name was Elijah.  He did not have a middle name but for some paper he needed one and made up the name "m it" or Emmit.  He was described by his granddaughter and a quite gracious man.  Jim Sandlin was his wife's father.  Jim married second Lydia Gann, who was a daughter of Swimmer Gann who married Sallie Powell (Lige's sister).   Jim Sandlin and Lydia moved to Memphis TN.  Ida Sandlin Powell's mother died when she was very small, just an infant.  Charlie Powell had a house on Lige and Ida's place.  John Powell lived with Lige.  He was deaf.  Charlie and John never married.  When Lige died in 1954, Ida said John had to go.  He lived his last days in a nursing home in Sallisaw, OK.  I should have posted this to our genealogy site.  I will copy it there.
Virgina Powell Smith sent me the picture this week.  I had it already, but had not labeled the people in the picture and had forgotten who they were.

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